Terms and Conditions of Engagement (as of 28 November 2013, effective until otherwise updated):


1. These terms and conditions apply to all services provided by Aotearoa Quantity Surveying Limited (hereinafter referred to as the 'Provider' in relation to Home Sum Insured Services. Your statutory rights are not affected.

2. The provider reserves the right to cancel bookings due to inclement weather, staff illness or other essential reasons. In such circumstances the Provider will endeavour to make available an alterative appointment as soon as practically possible. Alternatively the Customer may request a refund, if the services have been paid for in advance, less any proven incurred expenses by the 'Provider'.

3. We endeavour to issue reports within 15 working days from the date of survey. If the 'Provider' is not in a position to do so, the Customer, will be informed of revised delivery dates accordingly and the reasons for the delay in issuance. No warranty for delivery is implied, all reports will be delivered as soon as practically possible.

4. Issuance of reports are made electronically by email. Requests for hard copies will be subject to an additional charge of $10.00 to cover administration and postage and are payable in advance. Cleared funds are required.

5. The 'Provider' reserves the right to cancel bookings and to effect a refund at the sole disrection of the provider.

6. All payments for services are required post survey and in advance of report delivery unless otherwise agreed by the Provider in writing. 

7. The Provider may need to take photographs of the premises internally and externally to assist in the preparation of the report post survey. Acceptance of the service by the Provider is deemed approval by the Customer for the Provider to do so. The information is not used for any other purpose other than for the service rendered.

8. The fiscal liability of the Provider is restricted to an amount not exceeding the fee paid for the service by the Customer, howsoever arising.

9. In the event of the Customer not being at the premises at the date and time of the booking, which causes the need for a re-booking, a charge of $150.00+GST will be applied in addition to the fee for the service to cover time and travel. This sum will need to be paid before a re-booking is provided, unless otherwise agreed by the Provider in writing.

10. For tenanted properties, the Provider will not act as an administrative entity on behalf of the Customer. It is the Customers responsibility to ensure that tenants have been informed of the survey booked and that they are available and present in accordance with the time and date booked with the Customer. T&C 9 applies in the event that access cannot be obtained at the date/time agreed with the Customer.

11. The Provider is not responsible for complying with the Customers Insurance Renewal Dates, the Customer shall ensure that they procure services in sufficient time to allow an adjustment with their insurers ahead of their renewal date. 

12. Customers in Technical Category 3 or 2 Land Zones, accept that estimates for the cost of substructures are based on the lack of Geotechical engineering data and an engineered design and that the sums presented in the Providers rebuild estimates are best estimates only.

13. We are unable currently to offer home sum insured services to customers who hold insurance policies with Vero, AMP or AA who have unresolved canterbury earthquake claims, as we currently provide consultancy services to these brand in respect of EQ settlements.  In the event that our services are procured howsoever arising, the provider will arrange as soon as possible a refund of the fee paid. 












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